Pre-Lease Advisory

Stead Realty Advisory makes easy access, transparency and liquidity to all the property across India. So if you are looking for a commercial, Warehouse, the right residential place is here. As our team understands that pre-leased property is the most preferred option by investors, we offer you a range of properties according to the budget.
Each asset is selected based on various criteria involving different points and years of industry expertise will enable investors to co-benefit by allowing fractional ownership of our asset portfolio.

In Prelease assets


Commercial assets like IT Parks, Offices, banks, ATMs, etc., fall in this type, giving a yield from 5% to 10% depending on various factors and tenants, but if you consider price appreciation in sale value, it’s a bit on the lower side.


Residential pre-lease assets are those in which residential flats, hostels, co-living etc., come, which give a 3% to 6% yield depending on various factors. Still, if you consider price appreciation on sales value, it’s on the higher side.


Warehousing assets are typically leased to big corporate or companies for cold storage or other storage requirements. In this type of property, yield ranges are from 8% to 12% depending on location & tenant.